Nicholas Gignac

When business development meets intelligence

Some industries or business models require very little business development or sales effort to maintain or grow their numbers. If you happened to not fit in the previously mentioned category, this article is for you.

There is a general consensus that the consumers’ decision making process has changed. This is affecting how those consumers are making their purchase for their business. Decision makers actively research not only on the product, but on how it could fit their needs as well. Prior to contacting a provider, they are far more educated about your product when they finally decide to contact you. While a growing number of experts are recommending to move away from conventional sales efforts, such as calls and mailers, the ‘old ways’ can still be pertinent.

We agree, purchasing methods have changed and it calls for a change of strategy. However, change is often about adapting old ways to new ways which does not necessarily mean to start from blank page. Mailers and call still work? It just needs a better profiling.

By using targeted metrics extracted from your sales business intelligence on tools such as a CRM, you can target the right accounts faster and maximize your sales efforts. If the general consensus mentioned earlier works as it is said to be, by calling the right profile of companies and the right people, you should be able to connect with them while they are searching for a solutions to their needs and advise them.

Generating traffic for your content cannot help your ‘old fashion’ sales effort. It create raw data, which at glance can look messy. What you need is to build business and market intelligence from your data in order to process it into profiles, actionable profiles.

Those actionable profiles are what will drive your sales efforts. Instead of shooting marketing material ‘from the hip’, or as other may say ‘spray and pray’, you will be able to target those who deserve your marketing efforts.