Nicholas Gignac

Go Green – ditch the paper!

It’s odd how in business, we have an unhealthy attraction to paper. Paper business cards. Paper bills for the expense report. Paper notes. Paper customer files. The paper mountain piles on… And we’re all guilty of it – including myself, printing a report here and there before a meeting, a client file to review on the road. But if we take a few steps, we can work toward reducing paper in our environment. Here’s a few quick hints where we can help you save trees.

Business Cards

Most good quality business card reader application on mobile are capable of scanning your business card, and giving you the option to save it to your Exchange account, which will save it directly on your server and your Outlook. Well configured, it could go as far as joining the contact to the right CRM account.

Client related documentation

How often do you print a file, walk down the aisle 15 feet, and give a document to a co-worker? Probably too often, as you shouldn’t have to do this. Using Dynamics CRM and its Sharepoint integration, you can create localized Sharepoint folder for each of your accounts, uploads documents and allow your colleagues to access them, even on the go!

Sales Report

We all have a regular sales meeting. We got ours on Friday mornings. Let’s face it, tradition in that kind of meeting is to demonstrate our sales pipeline to the rest of the sales staff and management, and that tradition often implies giving a paper copy of the said pipeline to coworkers and bosses. You can not only save paper, but time too, using well-built CRM Dashboards. In a few clicks, you could access a fully customized CRM Dashboard from Outlook with your complete pipeline and sales forecast. That Dashboard can either be shown directly on screen – if you have laptops or tablets – or shared to coworkers over CRM.

I’m not saying those 3 tricks will make your business green overnight, but it’s a positive small step. Let’s face it, we’re Sales Productivity specialists, no ecologists!